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Thanks to dedication and teamwork, Privera Real Estate has continued to grow since its inception. Consistently delivering on our founding strategy, taking the long-term view and identifying opportunities for improvements ensures ongoing success.

Our plan is simple: Our Fund VII, consiting of Shares Contract and the Longterm Contract having a target amount of $100,000,000 is focused upon acquiring properties that produce strong cash flow, as well as those where value can be enhanced through renovation and strong management. This approach has been successful in our previous funds, providing investors with a combination of annual cash flow and long-term capital appreciation. While the focus will remain on Midwest properties, consideration will be given to acquiring in the global markets as well. As with our previous funds, our strategy includes acquiring properties in secondary or tertiary markets, which have attracted less attention from national or institutional investors, often resulting in less competition for available apartment properties and higher returns on our investments. For example when you invest the minimum of $2,000 in the SHARES CONTRACT option you’ll get 5% return on investment weekly for a duration of 6 months, as a shareholder/Partner, with 0% risk attached. Which can also be withdrawn or reinvested monthly once the ROI is generated.

Fund VII
(Shares Contract)

Roi: 5% Weekly
For 6 Months

Minimum: $2,000

Investment Target: $100,000,000

Duration: Based on Contract Agreement

Minimum Contract Agreement: 6 Months

Referral Commission: 5%

Fund VII
(Longterm Contract)

Roi: 15% Monthly
For 12 Months

Minimum: $50,000

Investment Target: $100,000,000

Duration: Based on Contract Agreement

Minimum Contract Agreement: 12 Months

Referral Commission: 5%

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Privera Real Estate’ investors understand good things take time.

Executing a calculated, long-term strategy has consistently delivered above-average returns. By establishing a trusted, mutually beneficial partnership from the onset, our team provides a foundation for sustained growth of wealth in addition to peace of mind. Whether you are a seasoned investor or exploring financial opportunities for the first time, you can grow your portfolio and discover the untapped potential of your assets.

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Simple Ways to Invest


Find good real estate investment opportunities with us by signing up on our website


Choose any of our investment Funds under the current investment opportunity FUND VII(Shares or Longterm Contract)


Invest with the amount you wish to, and Manage the success of your investments while our experties handle all risk for you to make sure you get your returns accordingly using our systematic strategy.


Privera Real Estate pursues acquisition opportunities in growing secondary and tertiary markets. The knowledge and experience of our team allows us to close deals efficiently and effectively, focusing our efforts on acquiring, operating and adding value to each community. Whether through shifting market conditions, a rapidly expanding employee market or simply a well-timed renovation, we seek opportunities that present hidden value and high returns.

New Developments

Our team brings substantial knowledge and commitment to every project, remaining involved every step of the way from project conception to the grand opening. We identify opportunities within growing markets, along transit lines or in underserved markets with high-value potential. This strategy, paired with our experienced development team and their tireless work ethic, has consistently achieved positive results.


In 2007 the fund model became the primary investment vehicle offered by the company. The fund allows a greater pool of investors and capital access to a diversified portfolio of assets. The fund model reduces the overall volatility of the investment by diversifying across geographic markets and across asset strategies. This investment vehicle also offers a preferred rate of return to our investment partners – giving them a priority in cash flow distributions ahead of the Sponsor.

Our funds have consistently provided strong returns on investment, often outperforming market expectations. Privera Real Estate will continue to capitalize on growing markets and our established relationships within the seller and real estate brokerage communities.

The fund strategy provides increased diversification which is the main benefit. Investing in real estate is like anything else. Diversification is critical.

– Current Investor

Current Opportunity

Fund VII

Investment Goal $100 Million
Minimum Investment $2,000 & $50,000

Privera Real Estate Apartment Fund VII will focus upon acquiring properties that produce strong cash flow, as well as those whose value can be enhanced through renovation and strong management.

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